different types of flooring

It’s a difficult choice on when it comes to deciding which option to choose for your home. We understand this so we’ve come up with some information on the pro’s and con’s of both so you can make an informed decision. In reality, your choice will probably be a mix and match of the different types dependant on the rooms you want to update in your home.


Warm – They are known for keeping the heat in and being energy efficient bringing your household heating costs down.

Soft and comfy – If you wake up in the middle of the night then it’s so much better to walk on a soft warm carpet then a cold hard floor. Perfect for children too to give them some comfort when learning to crawl or walk. With the added cushioning you are less likely to break anything or hurt yourself in a fall.

Absorb sound – Less likely to hear noise or echoes from a room with carpet.

Variety of patterns – You can go bold, you can go bright or even neutral. The colours and patterns are endless, making it a great choice to get the design exactly as you want it.

Quicker and cheaper to install – Carpets are the cost effective option if you need the install to be done quickly.

Furniture stays put – No slipping or sliding of the coffee table or sofa.

Wool and Sisal – Eco friendly carpet options are on hand and this is one of the most popular trends at the moment.


Difficult to clean – You will need regular vacuum cleaning as well as carpet cleaning to keep dirt and allergens at bay. Pet hairs are more likely to get trapped in carpet fibres than swept up on hard floors.

Easy to stain – We’ve all done it, spilled a drink or dropped some food on the carpet. The carpet materials make this more difficult to clean as it absorbs the spillage more, that being said stain resistant carpets are now available which minimalises this problem.

Shorter lifespan – Most carpets need replacing within 5-15 years depending on quality and footfall of the original carpet.

Not ideal for people with allergies – Carpets can harbour allergens and dust mites and need regular cleaning. A big consideration if you suffer from this.

Hard Floors


Doesn’t go out of fashion – Most of the designs are timeless, meaning years down the line they will not look out of place and still as relevant as ever. Hard floor designs are very elegant and classic and are always on trend.

Easy to clean – A quick hoover or sweep and a mop and a polish of the floor and you are done! Hard floors don’t absorb stains and smells like carpets do and can be water resistant. They also don’t harbour dust mites or allergens.

Neutral Designs – With lots of neutral tones you can decorate your house to any style to fit in with this.

Add value to your property – Hard flooring is very sought after and because they are more expensive it increases the value to your property.

Durable – All hard flooring tends to allow you to make touch ups or repairs to allow it to last longer and if you pick the right flooring it could literally last a lifetime!

Add rugs – If you want some of the carpet perks then you can add rugs to your hard flooring as a temporary measure.

Easy to rearrange furniture – As long as your furniture has padding below it can be as simple as sliding your sofa from one end of the room to another without any heavy lifting.


Expensive – Hard flooring does tend to be more costly but because of the quality it will last longer making it a worthwhile investment.

Dangerous when wet – Accidents can happen on hard wet floors so please take care after cleaning or spillages.

Cold – Walking barefoot on the hard floor can be cold and hard to touch and not as comfortable as walking on a cushioned soft carpet.

Noisy – There is more chance of hearing noise from rooms without carpet. Hard floors can cause echoes especially in large rooms.

Scratches – Scratches can happen and if you drop anything on the floor it is more likely to break than on carpet.

Like everything in life there are pro’s and con’s to all types. We hope some of the above has given you a few ideas to consider on what type of flooring may be more suitable for you in each room but if you need any further advice please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team at our Showroom. Alternatively you can call us on 01726 813897 or email us at [email protected].