Customers often ask us: “Should I have underlay?”


And the answer is the choice of course is ultimately yours but we often do recommend it with every new flooring purchase. It is a very worthwhile investment in your home saving you money in the long run and here’s why:

  • Prolongs the life of the carpet – Just by adding this cushioned layer underneath your carpet or vinyl it will help save you the expense of repairs, giving you the look of a new carpet for longer and ensuring that your flooring is at the highest standard.
  • Added insulation – Acting as barrier between your carpet and the bare floor this will also help reduce energy costs by keeping the warmth within your home.
  • Comfort – The extra cushioning means its softer to walk on and kinder on the feet.
  • Sound – Underlay helps reduce noise levels down due to the insulation. Perfect when you have noisy floorboards that creak every time you walk on them!
  • Reduces allergens – The extra layer can help trap dust before it gets airborne.
  • Spring in your step – Instead of the carpet flattening the fibres as you stand on them the underlay can help the pile recover quicker and spring back into action due to its cushioning.


There’s lots of choice of underlay and it’s not a matter of one underlay suits all. Fear not though, with over 45 years experience we know that choosing the right flooring can be a daunting task so rest assured we’re here to help to you and provide you with sound advice. We will offer you an informed choice of products and accessories for the right flooring area that you require.